Meaning, they are walking well with no correction needed. It is made up of a metal We mediate and control access to the physical and social worlds of our dogs quite a bit. I may look into a Herm Sprenger. Many civilized countries have outlawed prong collars, recognizing the harm they can do! You can purchases extra links if you have an extra large dog (just make sure to get the right mm size for the collar you have). People would comment on how well-mannered she was on walks and after a few years, I didnt need the prong collar at all. With the prong collar, weve been able to quickly train him not to pull on our walks. Dog lovers are fighting to extend this ban to prong and choke collars as well. and has a loving heart. Once your dog proper leash etiquette with the prong collar do you have to use it from here on out? I love hearing all the success stories. Where are prong collars banned? But yesterday I had to take my dog, an 8 year old 84lb rottweiler, to the vet. You can walk your dog around without a collar, harness, leash (please dont do it in public, there are laws in place) and they will listen to you every step of the way.. Doing this is utterly unacceptable and thoroughly unprofessional. So make sure to watch the videos in the post about fitting and training. Thanks for sharing this. I will post my update soon! Im a dog walker and deal with a lot of dogs of varying size, strength, and leash training. My daughter took him out today on a prong collar and she said he did good. Research showing that force-free, positive reinforcement-based techniques are better for both human and dog is overwhelming, so much so that there is a growing list of countries that have banned shock collars, for example, Wales, Scotland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia, and some territories in Australia. A smart, quick, and gentle tug as he came at me, playfully, but vigorously and painfully, biting and scratching, caused him to halt and look at my face, asking me what I need from him, wanting to interact and please. In addition to pulling, hed often suddenly and without notice, take off after a bird, a blowing leaf or just a mailbox post that looked appealing. I have found your article online about using prong collars.. well, i am at my wits end with my darling Border Collie. The prong collar I bought when he was 1yr old (Sprenger) trust me I've tried everythingthe prong collar worked the best for communication along with his obedience commands. We're based in South Australia where purchasing a prong collar from outside Australia is illegal, however, it is not banned in some States, one of them being South Australia. Hi.i have asweet female bullmastiffnamed VODKAPlease guide me when n which sized prong coller fits my VODKA? She was still her happy-go-lucky self playing. 1 1/2 Inch Keeper's Hidden Prong Double Leather Collar Gold and Silver Knots on Black Web with Metallic Gold and Black Leather and Brass Hardware $0.00. I have only used the style that the prongs go all the way around the neck, so I cant speak of the effectiveness of the ones that dont. They take the easy route, as opposed to teaching proper, solid cues and commands. After class the instructor told me that she would bring a collar to the next class that should help with him and asked that I come a little early so she could show me how to use it. This muddies the water for guardians seeking help with their companion dogs: If a force-free trainer with whom they worked didnt help them, does that push them to work with a trainer who uses force? A word of caution thoughif you do use one expect criticism from others. I hope that this informed guy and the other bus passengers who heard what I had to say stop to think about what theyre doing with their dogs and realize that my success is due to learning how to use a prong. from his dog trainer) and immediately she ceased the pulling. page. After reading the article on prong collars, went and bought one. They are simply NOT necessary; there are better ways to train! The former associates you as a good thing, the latter associates you with bad things.. Good luck! Webtypical flat collar greatly increasing the possibility of damage or injury to the dog. But that isnt going to happen in just a few days. My question is if the prong collar would scare him even more, causing more distrust, or if the boundaries of the collar would actually make him feel safer? Would a prong collar work on a 20-30 lead on a trail? She was a once in a lifetime soulmate of a dog. The OSPet offers a prong collar that is ideal for medium and large dogs with the maximum length of the collar at 24 inches and a diameter of 0.14 inches or 3.5 mm. Not that it wont work, but because he is still young enough to teach him not to pull without it. There are different styles of the prong collar. I love my dogs prong collar. Thank you! She no longer uses a prong collar to manage her dog and he is easily pulling her down the street as she struggles with her leash and flat collar. She is happy and waiting for me to put it on. She gets so over excited in this, and a few other, situations that I have real trouble holding her back she has on occasions pulled me over! It is amazing!! He did bite me once but that was clearly situational and hasnt happened again. The prong collar is adjustable in size by adding/removing links. The prong collar controversy is real! However, I am primarily writing here because he recently growled and snapped at our 1.5 year old son while getting a correction with the collar he has never done this before. The information is readily available, but it is a little more buried than I would like to see. But every dog is different. She quickly realized she wasnt a dog person and wanted to rehome her. I was going to buy a front clip harness (for more control as she is either following her nose without listening to me or tries to run away from scary things) but after reading your article Im wondering if a prong collar would be better?. We took different routes, different scenery with woods walks and hikes vs. in the neighborhood nothing helped. The links and ads are a way for me to cover my expenses. If it works to stop a behaviour, it must be because the animal found it aversive (if they liked it or didnt notice it, it wouldnt reduce the frequency of the behaviour).". Excellent post!! Also, the result of positive training isnt dependent on the presence of the device which is definitely a good thing., The other reason I would advise against prong collar usage is because of the time in which you have to apply the correction., You have 2 seconds to capture a behaviour, right or wrong, reward or correction., With positive reinforcement, you can use a marker word, and reward to give you a little longer for the treat/play reward. If your dog pulls you when trying to walk him or is leash reactive, I strongly suggest you consider using a prong collar. Hes large for the breed. A TWITCH influencer has stunned her fans and was temporarily banned from the platform after a terrifying video. These are common pet dogs. Bekoff, Marc. So many people misuse them, but when used correctly theyre very good tools. The prong collar is NOT cruel, it saves dogs lives. With the use of a prong collar, you immediately become your dogs source of punishment. Reminder, not all prong collars are created equal. A video of the electrifying Another story that came our way involved a woman who discovered that a doggy day care center was using a prong collar on her dog without her permission. Boy was he difficult to walk though. I see you have recommended a few times to use a carabiner and I dont know what you mean. I dont think its inhumane to use the collar w/o any jerking or quick pulling motions, but if youre one of those people who yanks, or if you have a dog that will abruptly yank, you need to do more than use a prong collar. | rebarkable.comPrivacy Policy|Terms and Conditions, This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. No matter how stubborn. Its an adaptation of choke chains, the links become larger and there are teeth on each link that encircle the neck. Suzanne, you are the perfect testimony to how the prong collar can actually change you and your dogs lives. We told our dog trainer all about this today and he introduced us to the prong collar with lots of instruction about how to gently tug the leash with just 2 fingers to get the dogs attention. More sophisticated behavior modification and management technology that is without any violence has been widely disseminated. Agile_Zookeep 1 yr. ago. I saw a short article on a dog training Facebook page, about prong collars. I had a guy ask me yesterday, as my dog and I were riding the bus, why I had a prong collar on him. I cant agree more. large dog in a prong collar getting out of a pool on a leash Are Prong Collars Harmful To My Dog Or Puppy? But I am also aware of how other people view the prong collar. The collar is not designed to hurt the dog, but get the dogs attention. Whilst I know that the potential for misuse is not a reason to call something bad, its mainly a method of training that I see no reason for.. In these places, it is illegal to sell or use shock collars on dogs. You could have taught a loose leash without a prong. For her leash training she starts with a slip leash but if a dog is particularly difficult shell switch to the prong collar. But I now see how wonderful they are in training my dog. I did training and watched several videos regarding the use of the collar and in less than 2 week the lunging was OVER. But more importantly is the age of the puppy. Or pulling his owner over, cause owners not to walk their dog? During the first class Shadow had his own agenda and set out to personally meet and greet every student in the class. We decide when they eat, what they eat, when and with whom they play and also decide when, where, and for how long dogs get to be outside each day and, perhaps more subtly, by imposing the physical constraints of collars and leashes, which guide the speed and direction of a dogs movements. It used to be he wouldnt move at all when we set him down, but now he runs to go outside it runs away from us when were outside (we have a fenced in yard so he cant get away). I want her to learn the actual commands I give her. I noticed early on that other dog owners or even people who have seen a dog somewhere in their lifetime, have become experts on how to care for MY dog, irrespective of how theyre known me! For this reason, more and more trainers and veterinarians are recommending that a dog be walked or run on a chest harness. However, the tool will work no matter where its been placed. P.S. According to a review article published by Gal Ziv, are better for both human and dog is overwhelming. I used it as you explained back in 1999, maybe for 3 months and periodically as needed over a years time. The dangerous dogs act suggests that an individual only needs to be frightened. However, I am afraid of breaking a wrist or worse; & I have some balance problems. Of course the length of time it takes for each dog varies. We also tried the plain slip-chain/choke chain collar (per my Mother in laws recommendation), and found that she still pulled and choked herself despite us -trying- to use it responsibly and kindly, OR she would back out of it and completely slip away. If not used properly, it can be cruel. Love the prong collarI always thought they were cruelbut they're not. and links therein.) What size prong collar should I get? if you think wearing a prong collar would hurt, imagine how your dog feels. She actually does really well but is strong with high prey drive. Depending on what you are using it for, you can keep it on during the day, but take it off at night when the dog is sleeping. Its all a matter of dog and what the owner is comfortable with! Watch the video on proper fitting and you will be fine. I have yet to see a dog injured by normal use of a prong collar (of course I only use Herm as well. I will answer my own question for youIt works by causing pain and uncomfortableness for the dog, causing the dog to avoid the pain . Shes a 27-ish pound mutt, stocky and short-legged, and still pulls even after working on training and walking her for 4 years, weve had her since she was a pup. Its crazy how the internet is overwhelmed with posts claiming how dangerous these collars are when I find they have done wonders for both me and the dogs Im walking, all without hurting them. The prong collar has been a life-saver for so many dogs. Now he is under control and gentle. Whilst Herm Sprenger advise that 5-6 months is the minimum? The reason why I am so weary of collars is that when dogs pull they can cause a lot of damage. The prong collar would be a way to inform the dogs that they have to pay attention to you when you say rather than when they find convenient. They are used as an aversive training tool that enforces punishment in an attempt to make a dog perform desired behaviours. And dogs can be abused even without physical contact, so Im leaving out cases of abuse here). I heard a trainer once describe the prong collar as power steering for dog training, which I think is a great analogy. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Thanks for your wonderful training resources. I just want him to be the perfectly trained dog I know hes capable of becoming. I would not use a prong collar for him. And ask yourself, is it better for your dog to drag you through your walk, choking himself on his flat collar or to have a peaceful walk with your dog walking next to you, enjoying the smells and scenery? My dog has been going through training to be my service dog and I have been researching weather or not its ok to continue using my prong collar with her. So happy that your tool worked out for you and your dobie. Right this instant. A trainer can help with that. However he is 120 lbs and I am 62 and 140 lbs. There are many different types of dog harnesses. I have tried several different collars and leads to stop him from pulling. Theres rarely a time where a prong is genuinely needed in a good relationship with your dog. 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Training is a life long learning experience, for dogs and humans! Carol, good professional dog trainers ALWAYS recommend a back up collar for a prong collar. It can save everyones sanity. A quick, gentle tug is all thats needed. Hes sweet smart and strong. Why was CodeMiko banned? 3, It definitely forces you to pay attention as youre concerned about pulling too hard but that /should/ be the case no matter what you use. Do your dogs reach a point that you no longer have to use the prong collar? I do agree positive reinforcement is key in fear based cases. He likes them, just not enough to be bribed by them. Just read some of the success stories in the comments. A short time later, Mary saw the puppy and guardian re-enter the park, with the puppy wearing an e-collar. The one thing I dont do is avoid walking her altogether. Aversive collars are unfortunately just one side effect of antiquated dog training practices and lack of regulation in the industry. Filter by 1 Inch Custom Hidden Prong Embroidered Collar $0.00. Taking in and training foster dogs takes a very special person! Decide which equipment you would like your dog to walk on, and grab a double ended leash, like a halti training leash, and clip the prong to one end of the leash, and the harness or collar to the other., As your need for corrections lessen, allow the balance of the leash to lean towards the harness, and away from the prong.. When my German Shepherd was very young she had a lot of behavior issues and I was worried she would grow up to become an aggressive dog. Hopefully that has changed. Do not be afraid to try a prong collar. Ran into the road? I want to share a story about a prong collar and how it changed my life. When asked why they use a particular type of restraint, people often say something like, Its the thing to do, or someone who knows about dogs told them to do so. Electric shock collars for cats and dogs will be banned in England, the government has announced. The people are told to wait for the dog to offer the behavior. Get the help you need from a therapist near youa FREE service from Psychology Today. Hi there, I totally agree with you on prong collars. So a friend recommended a prong collar, I knew that I had nothing to lose by trying it. Sometimes it is NOT the owner, but the dog that needs this collar. I felt like his regular collar was causing him pain because he was pulling against it so much. They started our dog on a martingale collar, then upgraded him to a choke, and finally the prong. Then we started a balanced training class, and they showed us how to use the prong collar. Wish more people would stop and educate themselves to see the value in them! There was never so much as an indent in his skin and I was able to easily control him for the first time. Pssssst Every single image I could find on my stock photo provider was a prong collar being misused. I wouldnt recommend trying one without researching how to properly use it but it works really well for some pups. Just saw the first video about how to put it on -on your website. Do not allow any pulling from now on. Not once. Weve tried all our trainers suggestions like carrying a stick shaped treat and letting her have a nibble when shes at our knee, spatula with cheese/peanut butter, hot dogs, treat sack at our hip and feeding while walking NOTHING worked. Kilian you are very welcome. When I am conducting group training sessions I introduce the prong collar to each and every one of my classes and I properly fit it around my own bare leg and give it the correct pull as if I were training a dog to demonstrate to my groups how safe and non-damaging the prong collar is. He's become a more confident pup with the prong collar training. Unlike when our little baby sees her shampoo bottle she knows its bath time and disappears. My first dog was a female shepherd-mix rescue and I used a prong collar on her to amazing effect. The warning said that they should be banned and included a photo of a dog with several lacerations on its neck, allegedly caused by a He would pull so hard that I wound up on the ground a time or two and injured just by walking him. Thats not the case. It does not lend them any credibility. Thanks so much for sharing your story Jessica! He wouldnt listen to me or the instructor at all. It was like I was walking a totally different dog altogether. Bam. If you decide this is your right path, just make sure that youre going into this as prepared as you can, because you owe it to your dog to do so. The prong collar, otherwise known as a pinch collar, has changed so many dog owners lives just scroll down and read some of the comments from people that have tried the prong collar and are brave enough to share their experience with you. It's pretty effortless. And be consistent. We adopted a 7 month old lab/pit/Brittany spaniel mix from our local rescue shelter. Where are prong collars banned? Im stating it like this so its super obvious for any trainer coming into this piece to know my stance, this caveat is not necessarily for you, my dear new puppy parent, but I have a commitment to my training methodology and need to openly state this.For reasons explained below, I am not a fan of prong collars, however, in order to give a view into why, this piece is needed. Weve invested a lot of time and money in our training and I feel like we have to go back to the drawing board. If it werent for this collar we would never be able to do that. So I started on this years path of advice from experienced rescue owners, 1:1 sessions with a personal trainer ( But this got expensive and she made me feel like i was a big part of the problem by not being able to get over my anxieties when we walked by people, dogs etc) I know I have some work to do there and I am trying. So, I have yet to try a prong collar, but doing all this research on it has really made me consider that I should. It minimizes the drag strain of the harness and is an ideal alternative to prong collars. The collars are adjustable by adding/removing links. Use a no-pull, or a choke chain, and train them w/ positive reinforcement. He only does the right things when he has the prong collar on cause hes smart and knows not to mess around w/ it on. Yes, the prong collar can cause damage, but so can a flat collar or harness. Use exactly the amount of sharp jerk that produces an immediate reaction. Can a pinch collar be used on short face dogs such as French Bulldogs,Bostons or Pugs? I have a feeling you are going to wonder why it took you so long to try the prong collar. I have a now 2yr old Jack Russell (he's my 5th one)but he's my first reactive, leash aggressive one I've had. Ummmm not so fast. Some foster dogs come to us without any leash skills and in order for me to be able to walk them with my dogs, I need to quickly teach them how to walk on the leash without pulling, and a prong collar is a great tool for this. We rescued a super sweet lab mix from down south a few months ago. Prong collar is the only way, Headcollar training harness with a front point Balance harness etc etc. Walks were ok, except if he saw a squirrel or a cat or another dog or wanted to drag me to the park etc. WebCollars with inward facing spikes will be banned from dog shows and training classes under proposals to be discussed by the Kennel Club. Possibly causing neck/throat problems. We sometimes will put a bandana on our dogs to cover the prong collar. Your responsibility is to ensure that your dog responds to essential demands. She would get all excited to see me get it out and wait for me to put it on because it either meant going fir a walk or training which meant lots of one on one time with lots of praise and lovins. However, its really important that throughout the process of training a dog with a prong collar that we are aware, that we admit that it causes pain or discomfort in order to have an effect. There is no need to be heavy handed using a prong collar. P.s. He came to the pound as a stray but you can tell he has had some training..he can sit, shake, etc. As sweet as he is, I ended up on the ground numerous times and my husband was tired of having his arm yanked in the wrong direction. At first, she thought it was OK, but she had a bad feeling about it. The use of any electrical devices for disciplinary purposes (electrical fence, anti-bark, collars with remote control) is not allowed. Our canine companion is usually a part of our life that we love, and humans tend to show affection with a cuddle, An escape artist dog or a hound-ini is another kind of dog that is really stressful to care for. Thank you so much for sharing. Another point that is important to stressa larger systemic issue facing dogs, their guardians, and dog trainersis that there is no regulation in the dog training industry. We now use the prong collar to train our own dogs and our foster dogs when needed. I may not have a certificate as a dog trainer, but I have attended more training sessions with dog trainers than I can count. Use lots of love and positive reinforcement with a no pull harness. But since I invested so much money in this trainer I figured I'd give it a try. We were very skeptical at first because it does look a bit barbaric. My dog trainer helped us find the most comfortable prong collar and fit it properly behind Blu's ears. I have a question about prong collar fit- do the prongs need to go all the way around the neck circumference? You have that. She wore a harness. He started really being obedient when the trainer put a prong collar on him and she showed him whos boss with a firm tug or two. My boy is a saint bernard mix too. However they are illegal here so its very difficult to promote them in a public way. Prong collars do NOT cause pain. Although I am thinking I need to do a research project with every type of collar available on the market today! She is definitely non reactive to squirrels and birds ( her triggers) now. I can only hope that the prong collar helps as I am having a hard time controlling him when people and animals walk within eyesight. So far, only a handful of countries have moved to ban shock collars. Its important to understand your pup is still adjusting and pushing the limits. New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, the Canadian Province of Quebec, and many others have made prong collars (and in many cases choke and shock collars) illegal. Would the place where the lead clips on end up under the neck and, thus, drag on the ground on a long lead? Wasted $100 at PetSmart (clicker training ????). Though they are legal in the U.S. Are just such huge 2000 2022 Rebarkable LLC. Shame they dont research the damage done to dogs by flat buckle ! WebProng collars should only be used under the guidance of a professional trainer. We rescued a 14 month old, 80 pound, muscular, untrained male doberman and walks with him were impossible. Our shih-poo is VERY smart and learns quick so we know it isnt an intelligence issue. He clearly is afraid of the leash. Im not finding anything in the ADA that says anything about these collars ( any collars for that matter). When he hears me pick it up he comes running because he knows were going out. Still a long way to go but this collar has put us on the right tracks. Tail a waggin. Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) I had held out at first because I was skeptical, but as I said, once I started using the prong collar it was like night and day! Thank you for sharing your story Darci! My 3 year old 70 lb pit bull has always been difficult and stubborn. She jumped up to greet Mary and her owner shocked her for jumping while she was trying to say hello. If you can figure that out? What can Some dog breeds tend to be wanderers, and an intact dog or girls in heat can be problem too. CodeMiko posted in her Discord yesterday, sharing that she was suspended on Twitch for her use of a shock collar on herself during her Sunday, Feb. 26 stream. It literally saved his life. It totally changed our lives!!! For my willful, hard-headed, inattentive Doberman yearling, thats definitely a prong collar for training sessions now. Which in the summer months of course is everyone we see. Hi Carol, the prong collar is known to come apart at the most inconvenient times. Try keeping him on a leash inside the house for a while. Good luck with your future training of your puppy! I bought a Herm Spengler for my 3 year old 100lb. he wont make eye contact, has to be taken out of his kennel, has to be carried inside after be letting out to go to the bathroom, etc. For instance, our sweet River does so well with other dogs and people at the dog park, but once shes on the leash shes much more reactive. "), There are few quick fixes with dog training. So glad you found a trainer to guide you! We are taking things really slow, but Im concerned if we take them too slow, we will actually be reinforcing behaviors learned from the abuse, i.e.
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