We'll never post anything without your permission. 0000007539 00000 n BEFORE CHECKING FOR A BARREL OBSTRUCTION, BE CERTAIN YOUR FIREARM IS COMPLETELY UNLOADED, THERE IS NOT A LIVE SHELL IN THE CHAMBER AND THE SAFETY IS IN THEON SAFE POSITION. Glance down the barrel to make sure that no obstructions remain in the barrel. Includes Combo. 78 16 Rotate the ejection area of the firearm away from you, carefully open the action and remove the shell from the chamber. Items must be picked up on Sunday, Dec.2nd 9am-2pm at 57 Smith Tractor Rd. ALWAYS WEAR EAR AND EYE PROTECTION WHEN SHOOTING. NEVER DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR TAKE ANY TYPE OF DRUGS BEFORE OR DURING SHOOTING. 0000044979 00000 n Poinsett Auction & Realty,Inc. It appears that you are accessing the Winchester Website from outside North America. BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET AND BACKSTOP, PARTICULARLY DURING LOW LIGHT PERIODS. Wear hearing protection (shooting earplugs or muffs) to guard against such damage. All items will be charged to credit card on file immediately following end of auction. 0000043170 00000 n hVn@}][B@ E`p6R['mGL99B0zPe4aR;)@;f(3is|)sZ,e6LeX)ghj6,X Go to the Winchester Repeating Arms ADA Accessibility Page by clicking here. To see this Granite Safes in High Resolutions, granite security gun safe manual 9L60, , Gun Safe Brackets Gun Safe Accessories Dean SafeGun Safe Accessories to organize your safe, use the space on your safe's door, dehumidify, rack your guns, and more. Items must be previewed and pick-up at the assigned times.No Exceptions. If the primer is indented, the defective shell should be disposed of in a way that cannot cause harm. ft. Invoices will be charged to credit card on file immediately following auction. Winchester Safes Gun Safes Safes Safety & Security Shop our selection of Winchester Safes, Gun Safes in the Tools & Hardware Department at The Home Depot. DO NOT SNAP THE FIRING PIN ON AN EMPTY CHAMBER; THE CHAMBER MAY NOT BE EMPTY! 0000027158 00000 n 0000045643 00000 n 0000006598 00000 n We assume no responsibility for injuries suffered or caused by unauthorized servicing, alterations or modifications of Browning firearms. for 32 minutes. Though it only comes in one available size (525 lbs - 24 gun capacity), it offers some additional security features that the Tradition doesn't. For one, it has a 1200 degree fire rating for 45 minutes. Be extremely careful while hunting or during any shooting activity to avoid dropping any firearm. Unless shipping arrangements are available and made by the winning bidder, that individual is responsible for, and advised to bring, appropriate assistance, vehicle, and any necessary tools to pickup. Browning firearms are designed and engineered to meet stringent safety standards. View sold price and similar items: Winchester 9L60 Dial Gun Safe w/ Combo from EJ'S Auction & Appraisal on July 6, 0122 10:00 AM MST. 0000023424 00000 n Copyright 2011-2023 by Granite Security Products, Inc All rights reserved. They always ship the most economical option in order to save you money. The gun safe was made in the USA by Granite Security Products, Inc in Ft Worth, Texas, with a fire test rating of 30 minutes at exposure of 1200 degrees F with internal temperature rise of 275 degrees F. A list of modern browsers is below; simply click an icon to go to the browsers download page. The caliber or gauge of your firearm is marked on the barrel. TEACH AND SUPERVISE FIREARMS SAFETY TO ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY, ESPECIALLY TO CHILDREN AND NON-SHOOTERS. Always keep the chamber empty and the safety in the on safe position unless shooting is imminent. 445 172K views 3 years ago Electronic safe lock not working properly? DISCHARGING FIREARMS IN POORLY VENTILATED AREAS, CLEANING FIREARMS OR HANDLING AMMUNITION MAY RESULT IN EXPOSURETO LEAD AND OTHER SUBSTANCES KNOWN TO CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS, REPRODUCTIVE HARM AND OTHER SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY. With respect toAFTERMARKET PARTS OR COMPONENTS(including, for example, aftermarket trigger systems, barrels, muzzle brakes, suppressors, magazines, etc. 0000001176 00000 n 0H3 @ Make certain the firearm does not inadvertently contain any ammunition. The times/address are listed in the Terms of Sale. record(s) for this. Bandit WINCHESTER SAFES ADVANTAGE. Buy Winchester 26-Gun 18.4 cu. For just about any safe out there, you will have received an emergency key for just such an occasion. LIKE ANY MECHANICAL DEVICE, A SAFETY CAN SOMETIMES FAIL; IT CAN BE JARRED OR INADVERTENTLY MANIPULATED INTO AN UNSAFE CONDITION. If your firearm fails to fire, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction for a minimum of 30 seconds. $20.26 shipping. Please contact them as soon as the auction ends to arrange payment. The following rules should always be observed by you and those you hunt with. Saturday, Dec.1st 12-2pm. Researching more than one vehicle? AutoCheck vehicle history reports deliver information on reported accidents, odometer rollback, lemon vehicles, branded titles and much more. 0000104205 00000 n Electronic safe lock not working properly? The electronic lock on the winchester seems a bit cheap. will not be held responsible for internet connection problems or website issues that cause missed bids. The owner's manuals contained below are in PDF format. USE ONLY SAAMI APPROVED AMMUNITION. 0 Remember, merely removing the magazine does not mean the chamber is unloaded. NEVER INSERT ACARTRIDGE OF THE INCORRECT CALIBER OR GAUGE INTO ANY FIREARM. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is accepted should use the proxy-bidding and leave their maximum bid at least 24 hours before the auction ends. You can also request one by calling: (800) 333-3288 or (800) 782-4440. Fort Knox Gun Safe Review Fort Knox Gun Safe Defender 7261 Safe Review 0000027665 00000 n After that time your items will be donated to Habitat For Humanity. I wanted one what would hold at least 10 long guns and 10 hand guns with room to spare for some antique items worth!!!!!. Farm & Tractor Wheels Shop All. 0000008600 00000 n It is your responsibility to secure the most up-to-date information on the safe handling procedures of your Browning firearm. 5 of this manual . Please contact Proxibid to learn about retracting a bid. California cuenta con leyes estrictas sobre las armas de fuego, y puede ser multado y encarcelado si no las obedece. If an obstruction is seen, no matter how small it may be, clean the bore with a cleaning rod and patch as described[in your firearm's owner's manual]. No Key. U=;"[g Tody)e^b^U600x )@Iv @AJ\.a`@,2 &. Winchester 9L60 Dial Gun Safe w/ Combo. Would you like to visit Winchester International? According to state law, California requires that firearm manufacturers, distributors and retailers include conspicuous, specific warnings with firearms sold in that state. This mechanism stands up over time and requires no maintenance. WHENEVER YOU HANDLE ANY FIREARM, OR HAND IT TO SOMEONE, ALWAYS OPEN THE ACTION IMMEDIATELY AND VISUALLY CHECK THE FIREARMS CHAMBER TO MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE FIREARM ISCOMPLETELY UNLOADED. Search our models for the perfect fit. 0000000965 00000 n You will be charged for parts and labor to return the firearm to original specifications prior to servicing your firearm. 0000001256 00000 n These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or above. winchester 9l60 manual. Ready to price and find your gun safe? Prevenga el acceso de los nios a las armas de fuego mantenindolas siempre en un lugar seguro, bajo llave y descargadas cuando no estn en uso. ", Will hold 30-35 Long guns and even more handguns. Failure to follow these instructions can cause extensive damage to your firearm and possible serious injury to yourself and others. 0000017225 00000 n Items must be picked up on Sunday, Dec.2nd 9am-2pm at 57 Smith Tractor Rd. We lost everything but the clothes on our backs. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader you can get this free program fromAdobe. Location: northern California. These conditions may or may not be apparent to the user (for example, installing an aftermarket barrel may have the effect of altering critical firearm dimensions, including headspace, and may create an unsafe firing condition, etc.). It is important that you read and understand your firearm's owner's manual thoroughly before using it. It only takes a small obstruction to cause dangerously increased pressures that can damage your firearm and cause serious injury to yourself and others. Granite Gun Safes | Safes Gallery the images gallery of Granite Gun Safes. Know the exact vehicle you want? Safe at Tractor Supply Co. Great Customer Service. New Winchester Defender RFid Handgun Safe Gun Rapid Safe Model D RF HD 09 Black. How to Dial and Change Safe Combination Lock Part 001 | Mr. Locksmith Training VideoJOIN MR. LOCKSMITH YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP CHANNEL TO GET ACCESS TO MEMBER ON. Winchester gun safe, Sam's club $581.00. Winchester model 9L60 24 gun safe, View Item in Catalog Lot #11 (Sale Order: 11 of 25) Sold for: $550.00 to onsite "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not included. 2017 to Current Owners Manual Winchester Safes (Bandit, Ranger, Big Daddy, Treasury, Silverado, Legacy and Home Series), 2017 Winchester Defender & Evolution Series Setup Instructions, Defender by Winchester RFiD Handgun Safe Owners Manual, Defender by Winchester Keylock Handgun Safe Owners Manual, Tractor Supply Co. Owners Manual TS-30 & TS-45, Tractor Supply Co. Owners Manual TS-15-11, Tractor Supply Co. Owners Manual TS-22-BLK, Tractor Supply Co. Owners Manual TS-9-EFL, 2016-2017 Bass Pro Shops Redhead Owners Manual Made in USA, 2016 Owners Manual Winchester Safes Made in USA, Bandit, Deputy, Pony & Tradition Series Electronic Lock Operating & Changing Instructions ONLY, 2012 2014 Winchester Safes Quick Start Guide English/French/Spanish, 2014 Winchester Safes Owners Manual English/French/Spanish, eVault Biometric 3.0 MICRO Pistol Safe Owners Manual, eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe Owners Manual, eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe Owners Manual French, eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe Owners Manual Spanish, Tractor Supply Co. Owners Manual TS-19-11. We assume no liability for incidents which occur when unsafe or improper firearm accessories or ammunition combinationsare used. Always keep a safe distance between the muzzle of your firearm and any persons nearby, as muzzle blast, debris and ejecting shells could inflict serious injury. 16. Brands featured include Liberty Safe and American Security. )o[gRM.z/:e]^vL+6|9?r)A.}2k~Jwu>9#C__ALY Plv_cV<>I^5j.5]UB}P8}Z^cgpIj7Uw`SHZG:sl63C,1O# xHh-%kJqA;5 P,)/>6b\NX(69QG. By signing up, you agree to our 0000002429 00000 n Learn the quality difference between a Winchester gun safe, and the other brands. Dont be timid when it comes to firearms safety. If the primer is not indented, your firearm should be examined by a qualified gunsmith and the cause of the malfunction corrected before further use. While it is a good idea to test your firearms mechanical safety periodically for proper function, never test the safety while your firearm is loaded or pointed in an unsafe direction. They range in size from 1mb to 10mb. Discover thousands of one-of-a-kind pieces of art, antiques, jewelry, Completely clear the barrel before loading and firing again. Browning firearms should be serviced by a Browning Recommended Service Center or by our Service Facility in Arnold, Missouri. Learn more about our reliability, Copyright 2011-2016 by Granite Security Products, Inc , Granite Safes | Safes Gallery Granite Safes is a part of Granite Security Gun Safe pictures gallery. 0000002956 00000 n Battery Install, Lock Troubleshooting, Warranty Support & more. We reserve the right to refuse service on firearms that have been altered, added to or substantially changed. A list of modern browsers is below; simply click an icon to go to the browsers download page. View all items from Tools, Housewares, Dcor & More sale. . Store all catridges of different calibers or gauges in completely separate and well-marked containers. Step 1: Find the Emergency Key The first thing that you should do is try to locate the emergency key for the safe. 1. They can be reached at 864-268-6068 and store3018@theupsstore.com. Bh14365 Jg. Visit the Web site of the California Attorney General at https://oag.ca.gov/firearms for information on firearm laws applicable to you and how you can comply. Sign in to start bidding! ^ [H,jFeLuWI04~30ps3q00dpeHuU' y,k@ Vcd 8/8U! N| On. Join Date: April 24, 2005. Therefore it is critical to read and understand the owners manual for every firearm which explains the safe operation of the firearm. Be extremely alert and aware of all persons and property within the range of your ammunition. Always wear eye protection when disassembling and cleaning any firearm to prevent the possibility of springs, spring-tensioned parts, solvents or other agents from contacting your eyes. Gun Safe Fireproof Houston Dealer Locator | Heritage Safe Company | Fireproof, Home Find a Heritage Safe Company dealer near you by, Granite Safes | Security Safes, Fire Safes for Home and Office Granite Safes supply a large choice of security safes and fire safes for home and office use. %%EOF Step 1 The first step when changing the combination on a Winchester gun safe involves the obvious step of choosing a unique combination code that you will be able to remember. <]>> Treat every firearm with the respect due a loaded firearm, even though you are certain the firearm is unloaded. They range in size from 1mb to 10mb. You have FORTY EIGHT HOURS (48) from the above pickup time to collect your items from The UPS Store. The barrel and action of this firearm have been made with safety margins over the pressures established by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) for Service Cartridges. Special and extreme care should be taken to be sure your firearm is unloaded before disassembly, cleaning and reassembly. Keep your firearm unloaded when not in use. If this doesn't work, give your local locksmith a call. 0000042748 00000 n If you keep a loaded firearm where a child obtains and improperly uses it, you may be fined or sent to prison. If you have misplaced the owner's manual originally provided with your firearm, you can - in many cases - find a digital copy here. There are several other considerations when buying a gun safe.Dial vs. Electronic Lock: A dial or combination lock allows access when the proper numbers are entered in the proper order. The first thing we always recommend is changing the batteries. BE DEFENSIVE AND ON GUARD AGAINST UNSAFE GUN HANDLING AROUND YOU AND OTHERS. !Y46A+bgSspN_xtXx\DEYI{.pMKXN\. 15. If you cannot find the manual you require please use our online order system or contact us directly at any time by phone during office hours . %PDF-1.6 % 0000003075 00000 n ),USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Winchester 9L60 Dial Gun Safe w/ Combo View catalog Sold: $850.00 July 23, 2022 10:00 AM MST Glendale, AZ, US. 0000002660 00000 n Tractor Tires Shop All. How can I obtain an owner's manual for my Winchester firearm. My family was a victim of the Marshall Fires in Colorado. Your safe was designed, engineered and inspected in our manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas . In Used Condition With Chips Present In The Paint. California has strict laws pertaining to firearms, and you may be fined or imprisoned if you fail to comply with them. Las armas de fuego deben de ser manipuladas responsablemente y almacenadas en sitios seguros para prevenir el acceso a ellas por parte de nios y personas sin autorizacin. xb```f``zAb@m3 Lso{!2=yA=;J@XTZv Visite la pgina web de California Attorney General, https://oag.ca.gov/firearms para ms informacin sobre cmo cumplir con las leyes de armas de fuego. They do not pick up large items such as furniture or closet/cabinet lots. Find great deals on eBay for gun safe accessories gun safe organizer. $530 54 Bid s Item Details A Winchester gun safe, 9L60. 10. 0 bids. SAFE EXTERIOR Serial and Model Number Tag After 3 failed attempts at charging your credit card, your items will be resold. The Do and Do Not List Do Select the Keypad you have and follow those instructions ONLY Do Read ALL instructions and fully understand the operation being performed Do OPEN the safe door and LEAVE it OPEN until combination change is verified Do Install an Energizer Alkaline 9 Volt battery Do Record your combination and keep it in a safe place (other than the inside of the safe) EXAMINE EVERY CARTRIDGEYOU PUT IN YOUR FIREARM. Never store cartridges of mixed calibers or gauges in a common container or in your pockets. BEWARE OF BARREL OBSTRUCTIONS. HUNTING FROM ELEVATED SURFACES SUCH AS TREESTANDS IS DANGEROUS. See your firearm's owner's manual] for more information on the correct ammunition for your firearm. Bids cannot be retracted using this feature. No Key. coins, cars and more. AutoCheck found It appears that you are accessing the Winchester Website from outside North America. Si usted deja un arma cargada al alcance de un nio, y ste la utiliza indebidamente,usted podra ser multado e incluso enviado a la crcel. 93 0 obj <>stream Remember, a loaded firearm may discharge when dropped, even with the safety in the on safe position. This includes the incorporation of aftermarket parts or components that may or may not satisfy Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) standards (for example, an aftermarket trigger system may not satisfy SAAMI minimum trigger pull standards, etc.) READ AND HEED ALL WARNINGS IN THIS OWNERS MANUAL, ONAMMUNITION BOXES AND WITH ALL ACCESSORIES THAT YOU INSTALL ON YOUR FIREARM. 0000008768 00000 n 0000078983 00000 n We assume no responsibility for the use of unsafe or improper firearm and ammunition combinations or damage or injury caused by damaged ammunition. 0000007213 00000 n 14. 0000003421 00000 n 25N toward Asheville. Please visit their website for more details. Once we are able to build our house back and/or have a long term location to live while we re-build, you can guarantee I will be using Winchester for all my safe needs. 0000095334 00000 n There are some amazing, one-of-a-kind The interior has shelving and space for what appears to be ten guns with additional shelving. You are bidding in an AS-Is Auction, with no warranties or guarantees. See [your firearm's owner's manual] for more information on the correct ammunition for your firearm. Never shoot at water or hard objects. Wear shooting glasses to protect your eyes from flying particles. 12. Would you like to visit Winchester International? No more than 2 repetitive characters in a row (eg. 3. See Auction Information for full details. After ensuring that the firearm is completely unloaded, open the breech or action and look through the barrel to be sure it is clear of obstructions. 0000027763 00000 n Go to our contact information page. 0000027595 00000 n hb```u?@("n6 or may create other dangerous conditions. items waiting to be discovered. Tractor Sun Shades Shop All. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! Marcar la Combinacin Mecnica (La tarjeta con la combinacin se encuentran la bolsa adherida a la caja fuerte) As a gun owner, you accept a set of demanding responsibilities. How to change the battery in the Sargent and Greenleaf PivotBolt Low Profile single battery electronic lock. Battery Replacement and Lock Instructions. 1. Description: In Used Condition With Chips Present In The Paint. Follow these instructions to replace the battery and reinstate access to your home or gun safe. 0000002464 00000 n Never place your firearm on or against a fence, tree, car or other similar object. hbbd```b``Dr: re!dEA 3"YKAlN9`@$dL`hi,$00120 uSDg`d winchestersafes.com Owner's Manual MECHANICAL SAFE LOCKING INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1- Make sure there is not any obstruction inside the safe that will block the door from closing or the movement of the locking bolts; close the door and rotate the handle counterclockwise until it comes to a solid stop . Unprotected, repeated exposure to gunfire can cause hearing damage. Winchester 9l60 gun safe for sale Space is only a starting point. 0000002204 00000 n NEVER RELY TOTALLY ON YOUR FIREARMS MECHANICAL SAFETYDEVICE. 11. 0000026073 00000 n Don't panic. 25DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ALTER THE TRIGGER,SAFETY OR OTHER PARTS OF THE FIRING MECHANISM OFTHIS OR ANY OTHER FIREARM EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE DESCRIBEDIN THIS MANUAL. 2016 Owner's Manual - Winchester Safes Made in USA 2015 Universal Owner's Manual Tradition Series Owner's Manual Pony Series Owner's Manual Deputy Series Owner's Manual Bandit Series Owner's Manual Bandit, Deputy, Pony & Tradition Series Electronic Lock Operating & Changing Instructions ONLY Please bring boxes, packing supplies and help to load. Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. Request more information Additional Details. No Charge backs permitted! 0000017798 00000 n 19. Copyright 2011-2023 by Granite Security Products, Inc All rights reserved. trailer <<068924D8DE2A476CBF757B507BF448DC>]/Prev 719464>> startxref 0 %%EOF 200 0 obj <>stream Pick-Up & Shipping Fees will apply. Allow proper distance (eye relief) between a scope and your eye when firing a scoped rifle, shotgun or pistol. PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY BY PHONE IF YOU NEED A MANUAL FOR A FIREARM THAT IS NOT LISTED. Posts: 50. After contacting a professional safe/lock smith and spending nearly 8 hours. 0000006439 00000 n Encourage enrollment in hunting and shooting safety courses. This seal protects against air and cold smoke, and when activated at higher temperatures, it turns into a non-combustible foam with a high level of thermal insulation, ensuring continuity in sealing and forming an effective barrier to the passage of fire, hot gases, and smoke. Granite Security Products, Inc. manufactures business and residential security containers, and gun and personal safes for property protection. 0000003746 00000 n Summary Vehicle History Report below provided by AutoCheck. Please note, this is an item that may be especially difficult to move and/or transport. 0000001359 00000 n Bidder agrees that everything is sold as is and that they may not return any item. 0000087940 00000 n tU4^Uue3&~>zN0'eBnw_}. Firearms must be handled responsibly and securely stored to prevent access by children and other unauthorized users. Gun Safe Fireproof Houston Dealer Locator | Heritage Safe Company | Fireproof, Home Find a Heritage Safe Company dealer near you by using the dealer locator that provides the contact information on numerous vendors. 24. See Operation of the Safety [in your firearm's owner's manual] for instructions on the operation of this firearms safety.. 0000001046 00000 n One report may be all you need. Learn how to operate the mechanical or electronic lock on your Winchester Safe with these step-by-step guides and tutorial videos. The gun safe was made in the USA by Granite Security Products, Inc in Ft Worth, Texas, with a fire test rating of 30 minutes at exposure of 1200 degrees F with internal temperature rise of 275 degrees F. The safe exterior has a black enameled finish with gilt detailing of Winchester and a cowboy riding a horse. ` j Winchester 9L60 Gun Safe Firearm Accessories Firearms and Accessories Sports and Entertainment Ended March 27th 2022 @ 7:14pm EST Winning Bid $550 42 Bid s Item Details Please note, this is an item that may be especially difficult to move and/or transport. See Auction Information for full details." Payment Type: Payment Type: Please Add / Select Card. KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM THE TRIGGER WHILE LOADING AND UNLOADING UNTIL SHOOTING IS IMMINENT. Please read and understand all of the cautions, warnings, notices, proper handling procedures and instructions outlined in your owners manual before using your new firearm. If you are unable to pick up due to extenuating circumstances, The UPS Store in Taylors will pick up your items for a minimum fee of $10. Many are available here and easily downloaded for printing. 0000042479 00000 n Items not picked up will be shipped by The UPS Store. 0000007956 00000 n WASH HANDS THOROUGHLYAFTER EXPOSURE. 0000005140 00000 n The word safety describes a firearms trigger block mechanism, sear block mechanism, hammer block mechanism or firing pin block mechanism. winchestersafes.com Owner's Manual You are now the proud owner of a Winchester Safe . 153 0 obj <> endobj xref 153 48 0000000016 00000 n 0000001969 00000 n 0000004198 00000 n Todd Crill Auctions, LLC . reserves the right to add or delete items throughout the auction. How can I obtain an owner's manual for my Winchester firearm? Travelers Rest, SC 29690. 0 Remember, safe gun handling does not stop with your firearms mechanical safety devices, it starts there. 0000043143 00000 n We do state any issues or defects that we know of but it is your responsibility to inspect the items. 0000026444 00000 n Mechanical safeties merely aid safe gun handling and are no excuse for pointing your firearms muzzle in an unsafe direction. 0000079423 00000 n DROPPING OR JARRING A LOADED FIREARM CAN CAUSE ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE. 6. 310 0 obj <>stream 2. You can usually find them at anywhere from $850 to $950, and slightly higher price tag is for good reason.